The paranormal team that started it all

Brad Klinge formed Everyday Paranormal back in October of 2007.  He had been researching ghostly activity and the possible science that surrounds it since 1990 when he had a life-changing encounter on the battlefields of Gettysburg.  As fate would have it, the methods and theories by which his team conducted paranormal research got noticed by the Discovery Channel, and in 2009, Brad and his team starting filming what became one of the most watched paranormal shows around the world--Ghost Lab.  Even though Brad has shifted a lot of his focus into the filming side of the paranormal, he still recognizes where he came from, and he still has the passion and the interest of what got him to this point in his life.  That is why EP still exists, and they still do private home and business investigations.  If you have what you think is a ghost or some other paranormal activity, do not hesitate to contact us.

kris Ratliff

director of investigation services